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What is an Octopus referral code?

An Octopus referral code is something existing Octopus Energy customers can share with friends, family, or people you know who are interested in switching to Octopus Energy. This code enables both an existing customer (me in this case) and a new customer (hopefully you!) to benefit from the Octopus Energy referral program.

How does the Octopus referral code work?

Using an Octopus Energy referral code is simple. When you click on one of these referral links, Octopus Energy’s website automatically records that another customer has directed you to their site. Clicking will direct you to their quote page. If you’re satisfied with the quote and complete a sign-up, Octopus will record the referral and credit your account within 2 weeks.

How do I get an Octopus referral code from Octopus Energy?

If you’re already an Octopus customer, just log into your online account and then scroll down to where your referral code is displayed. Simply click “copy,” then paste it into a text or email to share with your friends and family. Or just post it on your social media pages so everyone you know can use it. 

Don't know anyone with Octopus? Use my referral code!

Finding an Octopus Energy referral code can be challenging if you don’t know an existing customer. But don’t miss out! You can use my referral code and therefore unlock benefits for both of us. Copy the code provided below and enjoy £50 credit applied to your account when you switch to Octopus Energy. It’s a win-win for both of us!


Please note that I am not affiliated with Octopus Energy in any way. I am merely sharing my personal referral code and everything on this website is my opinion. Do not use my referral code if your intention is to be referred by one of your friends. 
If you sign up using my referral code, I’ll also earn £50.

Why switch to octopus energy?

A renewable revolution

Firstly, Octopus Energy is forging ahead into the future. Spearheading the movement toward a greener, more sustainable world, they lead the way. When you make the switch to Octopus, you’re not merely obtaining energy, i.e., you’re actively supporting renewable sources such as wind and solar power. This choice makes a tangible difference for our planet, fostering a real impact.

Smart tariffs, smart savings

Secondly say hello to innovative tariffs! Octopus are not just another energy provider; they’re there to help you save smartly. Their flexible pricing structures, including time-of-use tariffs and quirky smart meter benefits, could mean significant savings for you. You know exactly where your money goes with their transparent billing system too.

Customer care at its finest

Moreover at Octopus Energy, you’re not just a customer; you’re part of a family. They’ve won awards for their top-notch customer service because they care. And I can vouch for that as one of their customers too! Expect lightning-fast responses, user-friendly apps, and online portals that make managing your energy a breeze.

Ethics in action

Finally, they believe in doing the right thing. With Octopus, you’re supporting a company that’s committed to fair treatment, transparent pricing, and ethical trading. Furthermore they’ve got initiatives supporting low-income households and championing fairness in the energy market – because ethical choices matter.

"We’re using the latest and best technology, built from the ground up, to give our customers a great experience from the moment they join. Don’t believe me? Try us. I can’t guarantee we’ll be perfect for you, but I promise we’ll work darn hard to be as good as we can."

Greg jackson
CEO, Octopus Energy
Boris Johnson visiting Octopus headquarters

Experience great service, competitive pricing and 100% green energy

Octopus Energy stands tall as the UK’s fastest-growing energy supplier, having amassed over 5.5 million customers since its inception in 2015. Their core mission revolves around delivering green energy at accessible rates, elevating customer service to unparalleled heights, as well as spearheading a transformative journey within the energy sector through innovative smart tariffs like Intelligent and Cosy.

They’re not just another energy provider; they’re architects of a greener future for the country’s energy landscape. Octopus Energy’s commitment to sustainability isn’t just a promise – it’s a pledge reflected in every kilowatt-hour they provide.

Speaking from personal experience, their customer service isn’t just good; it’s a benchmark. Should any concerns arise with your account, Octopus’ responsive customer service team will ensure you’re on the phone with a friendly advisor in minutes. 

Do you own an electric vehicle, solar panels or heat pump? Octopus Energy might have something for you.

In an era where sustainability is paramount, Octopus Energy leads the charge by introducing an array of smart tariffs, revolutionising how consumers with electric vehicles, solar panels, or heat pumps manage their energy. These innovative plans – Intelligent, Go, Cosy, Flux Outgoing Fixed and Outgoing Agile – aren’t just about cost savings; they’re personalised solutions. Designed to cater to varying consumer needs, they offer flexibility and efficiency, empowering users to make environmentally conscious energy choices. Interested in this?


Got a question about my Octopus referral code?

After clicking ‘use my referral code here,’ you’ll be directed to the Octopus Energy website. Positioned at the top left-hand corner, a prompt will appear stating, ‘Special offer: £50 credit for you and Dan if you sign up now.’ Once you finish your quote and transfer, Octopus will be notified that you’ve been referred by me.

Your energy account will receive the £50 credit within a few weeks from your transfer date.


Absolutely! If your account holds a credit balance, you can request a refund of this £50 to be returned to your bank account. Simply email Octopus, and they will confirm your refund within a couple of days.

Once you’ve completed the transfer to Octopus, you’ll gain access to your referral code. All you need to do is log into your online account and navigate to the ‘Refer your friends’ section on the main page. There, prominently displayed just above the purple ‘copy’ button in the center of the screen, you’ll discover your unique code.

However, if you’re uncertain about locating it on your own, don’t hesitate to reach out to Octopus for assistance. Sending them an email requesting your referral code will prompt them to promptly send it back to you.

No there is no limit to how many people you are allowed to refer. Go wild!