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Get £50 free credit when you sign up to Octopus Energy using our referral code:

Your discount code will be applied automatically. 

Why choose Octopus Energy?

1. No exit fees

You don’t need to worry about being locked in as Octopus Energy does not charge exit fees! This policy applies even to fixed-term tariffs, so no matter which contract you choose, you will always have the freedom to switch to a cheaper option if it becomes available.

2. Cheap and fair prices

It seems too good to be true, but Octopus offers a range of tariffs that prioritise saving customers money. I am on Octopus Tracker, so for me the price adjusts daily based on the actual wholesale cost of electricity and gas. With energy prices dropping significantly over the last year, this Tracker has saved me hundreds of pounds. Every single day so far has been lower than the OFGEM price cap!

If you own an electric vehicle, you could reduce your EV charging costs by up to 70%* on one of Octopus’s tailor-made EV tariffs. Find more info about Octopus’s EV tariffs and how to switch to one here.

*As mentioned on Octopus Energy’s website.

3. Award winning customer service

Octopus sets itself apart from other suppliers with outstanding customer service. They’ve won multiple awards, have a 5-star TrustPilot rating, and are the only energy supplier recommended by Which? four years in a row. You can expect lightning-fast responses, user-friendly apps, and easy-to-read statements that make managing your energy a breeze.

4. 100% green electricity

Octopus is one of the largest investors in renewable technologies and guarantees that 100% of the electricity they supply is generated from renewable resources like the sun and wind. Because of this, Octopus will sometimes pay you to use more electricity on very sunny and windy days!

5. You get £50 for switching!

As well as all the other benefits, when you switch through our referral code you’ll receive £50 credit from Octopus within a few weeks. So why not treat yourself and switch to an energy supplier that actually cares?

Switching has never been easier...

Switching suppliers has never been easier thanks to the new Energy Switch Guarantee. This guarantee provides confidence to consumers that the process is quick, secure and hassle-free. If you start your switch today, you’ll be on supply with Octopus Energy in 3 days. Not bad, right?

"We’re using the latest and best technology, built from the ground up, to give our customers a great experience from the moment they join. Don’t believe me? Try us. I can’t guarantee we’ll be perfect for you, but I promise we’ll work darn hard to be as good as we can."

Greg jackson
CEO, Octopus Energy
A look at one of the many Octopus vans you'll see on the roads

Experience great service, competitive pricing and 100% green energy

Octopus Energy stands tall as the UK’s fastest-growing energy supplier, having amassed over 5.5 million customers since its inception in 2015. Their core mission revolves around delivering green energy at accessible rates, elevating customer service to unparalleled heights, as well as spearheading a transformative journey within the energy sector through innovative smart tariffs like Intelligent and Cosy.

They’re not just another energy provider; they’re architects of a greener future for the country’s energy landscape. Octopus Energy’s commitment to sustainability isn’t just a promise – it’s a pledge reflected in every kilowatt-hour they provide.

Speaking from personal experience, their customer service isn’t just good; it’s a benchmark. Should any concerns arise with your account, Octopus’ responsive customer service team will ensure you’re on the phone with a friendly advisor in minutes. 

Octopus Energy Referral Code

What is an Octopus referral code?

An Octopus referral code is something existing Octopus Energy customers can share with friends, family, or people they know who are interested in switching. This enables both an existing customer (me in this case) and a new customer (hopefully you!) to benefit from the Octopus Energy referral program.

How does the Octopus referral code work?

Using an Octopus Energy referral code is simple. When you click on a referral link like the ‘Get a quote’ button above, Octopus Energy’s website automatically records that another customer has directed you to their quote page. If you’re satisfied with the quote and complete a sign-up, Octopus will record the referral and credit your account directly.

When will I receive my £50?

Octopus will credit your energy account within a few weeks of you making your first direct debit payment. Once they’ve done this, the £50 credit will show on your online account balance and next statement. 

Do you own an electric vehicle, solar panels or heat pump? Octopus Energy might have something for you.

In an era where sustainability is paramount, Octopus Energy leads the charge by introducing an array of smart tariffs, revolutionising how consumers with electric vehicles, solar panels, or heat pumps manage their energy. These innovative plans – Intelligent, Go, Cosy, Flux Outgoing Fixed and Outgoing Agile – aren’t just about cost savings; they’re personalised solutions. Designed to cater to varying consumer needs, they offer flexibility and efficiency, empowering users to make environmentally conscious energy choices. Interested in this?

Does Octopus Energy sound like the energy supplier you've been looking for? Then make sure you receive £50 when you switch using our referral:


Got a question about the Octopus Energy referral scheme?

After clicking ‘Get a quote,’ you’ll be directed to the Octopus Energy website. Positioned at the top left-hand corner, a message will appear stating, ‘Special offer: £50 credit for you and Dan if you sign up now.’ Once you finish your quote and transfer, Octopus will be notified that you’ve been referred by me.

Your energy account will receive the £50 credit within a few weeks from your transfer date.

Absolutely! If your account has a credit balance, you can request a refund for the £50 and it will be returned to your bank account. Simply email Octopus, and they will confirm your refund within a couple of days.

Once you’ve completed the transfer to Octopus, you’ll gain access to your own referral code. All you need to do is log into your online account and navigate to the ‘Refer your friends’ section on the main page. There, prominently displayed just above the purple ‘copy’ button in the centre of the screen, you’ll discover your unique code.

However, if you’re uncertain about locating it on your own, don’t hesitate to reach out to Octopus for assistance. Sending them an email requesting your referral code will prompt them to promptly send it back to you.

No there is no limit to how many people you are allowed to refer. Go wild!